Hollywood Casino: Not Sold

Penn National just issued a press release stating that Hollywood Casino will not be sold off to PNG Acquisition Company.  A very cursory Google search reveals no useful information about “PNG Acquisition Company”.  So I wonder:  PNG = Penn National Gaming?  Was Penn National trying to buy a Penn National property from Penn National?  Was Penn National trying to sell to Penn National?

That’s odd.

Obvious News of the Day

Fuel economy boosters are worthless.  I wouldn’t think this would really be news-worthy, but apparently they keep selling like hotcakes.  I imagine a lot of peoples’ reasoning goes something like this:  “Hey, this MPG-O-Matik costs $30.  That’s the cost for one tank of gas!  What the heck, even if it only gives me an extra 1 mpg, that’s worth it, right?”  Naturally, they don’t.  If you don’t believe the news, and you don’t believe the Attorney General, and you’re positive that email forwarded to you where your coworker’s friend’s neighbor’s sister’s roommate’s cousin TOTALLY SWEARS that they really do work, well then, more power to you.  Here’s what I do to crank my 2008 Fit — which has an EPA rating of 34mpg on the highway — up to 40mpg on a regular basis:

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Your Electric Bill is Going Up

37% if you’re on PPL, 50% if you’re on Penelec / FirstEnergy, and 54% if you’re on MetEd / FirstEnergy.  Courtesy of the companies who were caught with their pants down during last winter’s ice storm, my $55-a-month electric bill will soon be $84.70.  The utility companies would have you believe that they’re on the verge of bankruptcy due to the soon-expiring rate caps, but a cursory review of their annual SEC filings suggests quite the opposite.

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