PA’s Laws on Self Defense

The local bloggers have done an excellent job in bringing coverage to the recent attacks (four attacks in four days) happening in the city.  A handful of people, both in print and in forums and comments, have mentioned getting a gun in response to these attacks.  I’ll be first in line to defend your right to own a gun.  I believe that if everyone was armed, we would see a dramatic decrease in violent crime — just ask Switzerland.  The problem is, there’s so much misinformation — most of it politically charged and bordering on insane (from both sides) — available online that gun ownership typically gets presented as something it’s not. 

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Visa Responds

Yesterday I received my letter from Visa regarding a merchant — specifically, the Sunoco A-Plus at 1101 Cameron Street in Harrisburg — who was enforcing a minimum purchase amount for debit / credit card usage.  In a world where businesses increasingly view consumers as commodities and not actual human beings, it’s nice to have a corporation with the size and power of Visa fight back on my behalf.

Even if they do have their own ulterior motives.

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The Upcoming Shutdown Showdown

First, at times like this I’m very glad to be considered a critical state employee. I don’t get furloughed no matter what. And I feel very bad for the people who are going to have to try to find a way to pay for their $4 gas / food / car loan / mortgage / etc if the state shuts down again. Even if it’s “only a day” again, the experience has got to be nerve-wracking to say the least.

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My New Digs

Renovations at the World Headquarters are moving along nicely, now that the contractor doing the master bathroom managed to wrap up his “five days, tops” job in just under seven weeks.  A new contractor is starting on the kitchen and guest bathroom, and I’m going to paint and re-trim the entire house.  With a little luck, I’ll be on the market by the end of this month.  So it was with great giddiness that Deb and I went to view some condos in Mechanicsburg.

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