Just In Time for the Meetup

With a little luck and some excellent timing (and if my recent eBay buyers pay up), I’ll have my brand new sub-notebook just in time for next Thursday’s Harrisburg bloggers / Twitter-users / new media meetup.  The MSI Wind goes on sale here in the US at $399 for the Linux (SUSE) version and $499 for the Windows XP version.  Look for it at Costco and Best Buy — as well as mail-order via Amazon and friends — starting this Monday 6/16/08.

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Damn Good Coffee

It’s supposed to be 97 today.  I’m swamped with emails from video submissions from blogHarrisburg.  I have a half dozen eBay shipments to make today.  McDonald’s screwed up my breakfast order.  I just found out my PayPal Premier account has ridiculous processing fees.  Gas is supposed to hit $4.30 by July 1.  I’m at work eight hours earlier than my usual shift.  Also it’s Monday.

But this Sumatra bean coffee from St. Thomas Roasters in Linglestown is just amazing.  The beans are shiny and the flavor is rich but not oppressive.

Grinder, French press, and my day just got awesome.

Cameron Street A-Plus Smackdown

So I’m driving down Cameron Street this afternoon on my way into downtown to tie off a few odds and ends.  As I got off 81, my “low fuel” light came on, meaning I only had another 30 – 50 miles until my Fit sputtered to a stop.  I pulled into the Sunoco A-Plus at 1101 Cameron Street for fuel.  I was feeling a little under the weather, so I also figured I’d pick up a V8 Splash (kiwi-strawberry, because it matters) while I was there.

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