Only Sexists Don’t Like Sex And The City

At least, according to Newsweek.  Apparently, when men talk about the movie, we are hateful and angry.  We are vengeful over the fact that the movie is competing with the “good old boys of summer”.  We are poor sports because we hated the movie before it opened.  Men are the only reason the movie has gotten mediocre reviews on IMDB.  Movie critics only gave the movie poor reviews because they’re men.  And yes, the article manages to work in a full paragraph about parallels to Hillary Clinton vs “the Obamaniacs”.

Yeah, I think Sex And The City looks really awful.

There.  I am now sexist.

Showdown: Cinema Center v Regal

Cate Blanchett as Irina Spalko, from IMDBSaw Indiana Jones on Friday. Saw it again on Saturday. Saw it again on Sunday and again on Monday. Four times total. I’ll be honest here — the repeat viewing was largely because of Cate Blanchett’s character. She is unbelievably … wow. But it became an observation of the differences between Regal, which is closer, and Cinema Center, which is usually better. Unfortunately, the outcome wasn’t what I was expecting.

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Emptying The Ol’ Closet

I’m finally getting around to cleaning out my house.  It’s only two garbage cans at a time, as York Waste Disposal doesn’t want to do bulk pickups — even though they’re supposed to — but it’s progress.  One of the things I’m going to be doing is clearing out a LOT of old computer parts in various states of working order.  I don’t expect to get more than a few bucks for this stuff, but $1 > $0.  I just have so much crap that never got unboxed from my move out of Executive House.  Now that remodeling has moved out of my master bathroom and into my master bedroom, I’m living out of bedroom #3 at the moment, and this stuff is EVERY-FRIGGING-WHERE.

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Free in the City

Summer is, for all intents and purposes, here.  Parks are opening and days are lengthening and temperatures are rising.  I have my season pass to HersheyPark.  I did my first deck-staining-and-cookout of the season on Tuesday.  Walking down Second Street on a Friday or Saturday night, you can just smell the Legionnaires’ Disease spilling out into the streets in cold bursts of processed air.  And today we fed some geese in the park (why do they hiss?  We’re giving them food, we’re their friends!).  So it’s here, June 21st or not.  And the season is already starting to take a big hit out of my checking account.

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Why Can’t We Have Nice Things?

Infected Mushroom is performing at Webster Hall July 5th, and I just got my tickets. I was considering going to see Tiesto, but the crowd would be insane (and all of the good tickets are sold out, anyway). In fact, their entire summer performance lineup thus far looks pretty impressive. Why can’t we have electronic acts of this caliber around here?

I know, I know. This post was really more of an excuse to show off that I’m going to see Infected Mushroom and to link to a video using that PQM track.

EDIT – fixed the Infected Mushroom link to point at the actual video