Local Traffic Density

With gas now at $3.90 / gallon by my house, I am officially glad that I traded the Element for the Fit.  Sure, I miss the cargo space and and I’m certain I’ll miss the 4WD when winter hits, but I don’t mind getting 60% better gas mileage (40mpg vs 25mpg, or about $30 per week).  Apparently lots of other people are noticing too, as the US Department of Transportation reported that March 2008 saw the single biggest decrease in miles driven, ever.

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Harrisburg Blogger Meetups

The third Thursday of every month, we’ll be having regular, casual get-togethers at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.  We’re usually upstairs in The Abbey from 7-9pm.  These are open to everyone in Central PA who has a blog (or podcast, or any other form of online self-publication), regardless of subject matter.  To be absolutely clear, even if you don’t write ABOUT Central PA, as long as you’re FROM Central PA, you’re invited!

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Napster Ditches DRM

Last week, Napster announced that they would be releasing their entire freaking catalog in 256k MP3 format for only $.99 per track.  That’s over 6 million songs without any DRM protection; you get to do whatever you want with the file.  Put it on your iPod, put it on your Sansa, put it on your phone, copy it to 20 computers … it’s yours. It’s like iTunes, only less expensive, and without the hardware lock-in or DRM copy protection.

Clocking in at $.30 per track less than iTunes’ DRM-free MP3s and about the same as Amazon’s offerings, this isn’t a bad deal.  Could it be that the music industry is finally starting to realize that when we buy it, it should be ours?

blogHarrisburg Tweaking

As you read this, I’m going through every single post on blogHarrisburg (all 1900 of them) and fine-tuning the hell out of them.  There aren’t any WordPress plugins that can do what I need done; categories are being reset, tags are being added, and inline images are (hopefully, fingers crossed) being correctly placed.  There’s just too much fuzzy data there to be automated, so this is turning into a very, very, very long labor of love. With a little luck and a boatload of time, the site — including its shiny new template — will be polished up in time for this Thursday’s meetup.

The Macbook Gets Retired

My Mac run has just officially come to a close. Writing this post is the last action this Macbook Pro (yes, the free* one) will see on my beech-and-steel desk before being sold.

After nearly two years of helping to keep my house warm and keeping me company during those lonely overnight shifts in the NOC, my Macbook Pro is leaving today for its new home at a graphic design studio.  This all comes courtesy of what is perhaps the sloppiest, most poorly-written Craigslist ad I’ve ever posted.

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