blogHarrisburg / Twitter Meetup

This Thursday, 05/22/08, a handful of us local bloggers & Twitterers (is that the right word for Twitter users?) are getting together at Appalachian Brewing Company on Cameron Street for food, suds, and general camaraderie.  We’ll be upstairs at the Abbey Bar, which means plenty of free WiFi and smoke-free air.  The meetup is open to anyone from Central PA who partakes in any form of new media — blogs, podcasts, and what have you — along with all of our new-found local friends on Twitter.  Things will get started at 6pm, and we’ll probably wrap up around 9.

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Camp Hill Suicide Cloverleaf

It’s gone, baby!  According to a story in today’s Patriot News, at least part of the colossal screwup of an interchange at Routes 15 and 581 is being shut down for good.  All I can say is that this is long, long, long overdue.  In fact, having at least a passing familiarity with Pennsylvania’s traffic levels due to my research on the abandoned Turnpike segment, I can’t imagine at what point in our post-1940s history that giving motorists approximately three feet of ramp in which to accelerate and merge (the end of which is helpfully marked by a concrete bridge support) was a good idea.  In fact, if I recall correctly, cloverleafs in general were despised by the late 1950s, and most new highway interchanges were being built as flyovers starting in the early 1980s.

Good riddance!

360 Part 2

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m going for a “free” XBOX 360.  Several years ago I pulled this off with a “free” Macbook Pro (being used to type this right now, in fact), but in the years since, many of the “free” offers have either disappeared or become impractical.  Case in point:

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Spammer’s Haven 2008: The Free XBOX 360

Back in the summer of 2006, I decided to try my luck at one of those “FREE* MACBOOK PRO” sites you see in abundance all over this fine Internet.  After about two months of carefully filling out paperwork, taking screenshots, and waiting patiently for weeks on end, I finally became the proud recipient of a brand-new Macbook Pro.  And now that a half dozen of my coworkers are having nightly Halo 3 tournaments, I decided the time has come to try my luck again.  That’s right; I’m going for a free XBOX 360.

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T-Mobile to buy Sprint


About once a quarter, a rumor of “somebody” buying either T-Mobile or Sprint makes its way around the intarwebs.  And usually, it hasn’t come true.  But this one actually has some bite.  If you’re not interested in the logic behind this, the TL/DL is that Sprint and T-Mobile desperately need each other, and Sprint’s shareholders are murderously pissed at Sprint’s management over sustained gross incompetence.  Read on for the notion.

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