blogHarrisburg / floor9 Outage

Beginning around 7:30 this morning, both and were offline due to a major power issue at the Pacific Rack datacenter in Los Angeles, where my VPS is located. This knocked out several hundred servers, including multiple web hosting companies, until around 2pm. Everything is — obviously — fully restored, and you may now safely resume your regularly-scheduled blogging.

Hollywood Slots

I hit my first major win the other day — $346.61 from $20.  And I did it on Hee-Haw.  That’s right, I’m a high-roller $.02 slot player.  I love that game if for no reason other than it’s so completely random.  The payouts are just great:  Two rednecks, an ear of corn, and a Democrat?  You’ve just won 1000 internets!

And I find it both disturbing and hilarious that “KKK” is an actual payout.

Duke’s: When All Else Fails

Duke’s Riverside (or The Riverside G-Man, as roughly 99% of us locals still call it) has always been an integral part of living here. It’s not particularly trendy and it’s not particularly cheap. But it does have a deck, it is easy to get to, and most of the food is pretty good awesome. In fact, it’s an all-around excellent place to spend a lazy summer afternoon eating & drinking. I don’t know of anybody who actually hates going there; it’s the one place that most people can agree on most of the time. So with the first really nice weekend upon us, my party of three ventured out to the deck this afternoon for dinner, drinks, and what wound up being the worst experience I’ve ever had there.

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