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Yeah, I know it’s been around a while. But thanks to Jersey Mike, I now have Twitter accounts for myself (twitter.com/floor9) and blogHarrisburg (twitter.com/harrisburg). Great – another toy to suck time away from my already stretched-thin day!

I’ve been pondering how to make Twitter useful within the context of blogHarrisburg. The simple and obvious (and easy) idea is to syndicate blogHarrisburg’s headlines into Twitter. But this doesn’t really seem like a good idea. Anyone who wants up-to-the-second blogHarrisburg updates can already subscribe to the feed; simply regurgitating said feed into Twitter seems redundant. I think a better idea is Continue reading Harrisburg Blogs & Twitter

Concrete City

The first I heard about it was back around ’93. A friend told me about it while we were driving up to the then-new Steamtown Mall. “Hey, did you ever hear about that Concrete City place? Yeah, it’s weird; it’s like they were going to build apartments or something but they just stopped mid-way. Now it’s just all these concrete shells. It’s up around Wilkes-Barre somewhere. I dunno, I never actually saw it.” For the past 15 years I’ve just pushed it to the back of my mind, never giving it much thought. But after staking out the Abandoned Turnpike last summer, my interest in Concrete City was rekindled. And today, I grabbed some friends and made the trek.

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