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This coming Tuesday (3/11/08), and will be going offline for about four hours beginning at 4am.  Steadcom is moving me to a new rack in the Pacific Rack datacenter for bandwidth and network improvements.  With any luck, come Tuesday morning, you’ll check blogHarrisburg for your daily news fix and find that nothing has changed!

Hollywood Casino – Drinks ‘Till 5am?

A recent thread over on Harrisburg Nightlife talking about Hollywood Casino in Grantville led to a discussion on Pennsylvania’s liquor laws.  The subject of the oft-discussed but rarely-seen mythical “entertainment license” came up.  While no such license actually exists, I did uncover some interesting news about a (hopefully) upcoming liquor law change.

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Frick You

So apparently, “people” are “complaining” about the “foul language” used in some of Sheetz’s billboards.  The ads in question say, simply, “Crispy Frickin’ Chicken”.  And apparently, it’s causing most of our world’s ills.  For example, a Hazleton resident called his local codes officer to complain that his small children shouldn’t be “exposed to that type of language”.

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Faulkner Honda (Harrisburg Car Shopping)

After being thoroughly disgusted with the conduct of Ciocca Honda this past Saturday, I ventured back to Faulkner Honda on Paxton Street.  I’ve had outstanding experience with Faulkner Honda in the four years since purchasing my Element there.  Despite being undercut by Ciocca, Faulkner Honda’s conduct earned my business.  The only question now was which car to get.

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