$3,841,779.00 to Hollywood Casino

That’s how much gamblers at Hollywood Casino threw down this past Tuesday, the casino’s first day open to the public.  After taxes and payouts, they netted $162,000 before operational costs such as wages and utilities.  I can’t tell you if that’s good or bad, but compared to some of the other Pennsylvania casinos, it certainly appears to be on the plus side:

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Hollywood on a Snowy Winter Night

I made my first trip out to casino tonight.  Surprisingly, despite the road conditions, there were a fair number of people in there (enough to fill the virtual card tables, anyway).  Far more than I would expect at 1am on a Wednesday morning, anyway.  I’ll post an actual review after going there when there are people around.  For right now, suffice to say that the casino is aptly somewhere between Vegas and AC.

And — coffee, soda, and water are free.  Alcoholic beverages are a bit pricey.

blogHarrisburg Forums

In a few more days, we’ll throw the switch on the shiny new blogHarrisburg forums located at forums.blogHarrisburg.com.  We’re doing this to help address the growing mountain of criticism that seems to be constantly levelled at another unnamed forum (I’ll refer to them as the other “Popular Local” forum to help protect their anonymity).  Before doing so, I’d like to hear your thoughts or opinions on what the forums should be.

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No Free Drinks at Hollywood Casino

Once again, the local blogging community scoops the Patriot — check out the review over at HarrisburgNightlife.

Effective 10am tomorrow (Tuesday, 2/12/08) morning, Hollywood Casino at Penn National Racetrack is open for business.  That is, of course, provided the slot machines pass today’s audit with flying colors. (According to the Patriot-News, they have passed and are on-schedule to open tomorrow.)  Route 743 was completely gridlocked Friday night, but had apparently cleared up for Saturday and Sunday’s crowds.  Comments I’ve heard from people who were there for the VIP event:

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Downtown Closure

I was just thinking about how many downtown venues have come and gone in the post-Vault era of downtown Harrisburg, and I was surprised by my realization.  Since the opening of 5:01, we’ve averaged just over 1.5 venues per year flaming out.  It’s been said before, and it will be said again, but this rapid-fire open / close / rename / reopen / refail / close strategy is going to be the end of downtown. Continue reading Downtown Closure