PA Turnpike

Today our trio is heading up to Breezewood to explore the abandoned stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike that I talked about previously. With a little luck, the weather will hold, the snakes will stay away, and nobody will fall through a hole in the ceiling. You’d better believe I’ll be posting full photo and video (if my battery holds, which is unlikely) tours tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you know of any other Pennsylvania weirdness, I’d love to hear about it.

EDIT:  Just arrived back home a few hours ago.  The four of us got our asses kicked by the deceptively simple-sounding trail, but it was worth it.  Full details will post on Monday, and a complete photo spread later in the week.  Right now I need to sleep for the next 20 hours.

Pennsylvania Weirdness

Unstoppable underground mine fire: Check.
All-concrete ghost town: Check.
Worst commercial nuclear accident on US soil: Check.
Deserted mental hospitals: Check.
Shoe house: Check.

If you live in, travel through, or have ever even heard of Pennsylvania, you’ve no doubt heard one of the extremely bizarre stories that make up this state. I’m pretty sure that scientific studies have been conducted that show we’re only slightly less odd than Maine, and that’s probably only because we don’t have Stephen King. But just when I thought I had heard (if not seen) it all, along comes the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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