Harrisburg Hacked – Again

So the Harrisburg city council’s website was hacked.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time this has happened, and it won’t be the last.  But what’s frustrating is that this can be solved at a cost of about $10 per year to city taxpayers, which is probably less than we’re paying for hosting right now.

First, being the IT Professional ™ that I am, I’m going to offer the city some complimentary advice on securing their website:

  • Stop using “lindasucksLOL” as your root password.  It’s really not that secure, though kudos for use on the mixed capitalization.  (IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR THE SARCASM-IMPAIRED AND/OR HARRISBURG MAYOR LINDA THOMPSON (MAYOR, HARRISBURG (MAYOR)):  I don’t really know the root password)
  • No matter how much she cries, no matter how much she begs — never, never give Mayor Thompson (Mayor (Harrisburg (Mayor))) the password after midnight.
  • For Christ’s sake stop replying to those emails from “legal@yourwebmaster dot com.ru”.  They aren’t really from your webmaster and you don’t really need to send him your password “or face account deleshon (sic)”!

In all seriousness, however, there is one option the city should consider.  And it would only cost taxpayers about three cents a day.

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A Midrise for Midtown

Today I stumbled across The 1500 Project, a future mixed-use residential and commercial five-story-plus-roof midrise going in at the corner of Sixth and Reily streets.  I’ve actually heard rumblings about the venture before, but I figured it would pretty much go the way of the hirise that was supposed to be built in front of the River Street garage (where Sawyer’s is now).  It looks like the project is moving ahead, with plans for 43 condos spread over four floors plus a loft level.

The building will occupy the entire block from 6th & Reily to 5th & Boyd.  Presently, this lot is vacant aside from a solitary duplex. It’s easily within walking distance of everything midtown has to offer, and its proximity to the forthcoming courthouse helps cement thoughts of further redevelopment in the area.  Underground parking will be available for residents.  It looks like the parking / storage area will empty onto Fifth Street (hooray!), which will help shunt some of the residents towards midtown.

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It’s not just you – things look a little different around here.  As of this morning, I have completely moved over to WordPress.com hosting with Google apps for everything on the back end.  The theme is going to update again as soon as I dig through some old photos, but I’m otherwise set.  In a nutshell, it’s hard to argue with $.83/month hosting.

$850 Million in the Hole

The last two weeks have seen a lot of cheering* and celebration* over the passing* of the 2010 Pennsylvania Budget.  This is good* news because unlike last year’s disaster, not a single state agency was forced to alter operations and not a single state employee was forced to work without pay.  Now that the budget is finally* in place*, we can go on with our lives* and enjoy things as they are for the next 11.5 months.

* – There’s a catch.

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Harrisburg Jazz & Multicultural Festival

(presented by Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson, Mayor (Harrisburg (Mayor)))

I largely ignored all the complaining about the event’s name change.  I think the name change was silly, sure — but it’s still an event.  It’s still an excuse to get outside.  It’s still free, it’s still accessible to everyone, it’s still festive, and we still have fireworks.  In theory, it should be exactly the same as last year but with different letters on the banners.  Right?

Yeah.  The thing about theories is that they aren’t always right.

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