Re-up the Tweetup

December’s Central PA Tweetup is still going on as always — tonight (12/18/08) at Appalachian Brewing Company, starting around 7pm and ending around … well, whenever.  Nothing has changed.  And even though some forecasts are calling for yet another OMG STORM OF THE CENTURY, we’ll be out there regardless.  Tonight’s tweetup is important not only because it’s the last one of 2008 — the year in which we first started having Harrisburg Tweetups — but also because there will be a handful of important topics being discussed:

Location.  Over the last month, a few people have suggested finding a new venue for the Tweetups.  As best as I can gather, the concerns are mostly over the lack of reliable WiFi as well as being drowned out by Open Mic night.  Roxbury has offered us use of his downtown space (on State Street, a few doors down from the capitol) to host the Tweetups. 

Schedule.  Pretty much ever since we started having public Tweetups earlier this year, the idea of find a new date and/or time has been floated repeatedly.  While we’re not going to find a time that works for everybody all the time, I think it’s important that the time is as convenient for as many people as possible, as often as possible.

Harrisburg Wiki.  The idea of having a centralized local Twitterer directory has been raised several times.  I have the bandwidth, disk space, and CPU power to host just about anything, and I’m happy to do so for free.  What format should this take?  A static list of Twitter users?  A full-blown community site where everybody has their own page?  Should we resurrect the Harrisburg Wiki (currently idling at

Bring your ideas and opinions.  If you can’t make the meeting, we’ll be paralleling the major points on Twitter in some fashion (and I’m sure @KathleenLD will be broadcasting again!).  As always, the tweetups are open to anyone who has a Twitter account and/or blog.  Hope to see you there!

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  1. I’m on the record to keep it at ABC. Move it to another night if open mic is an issue, but personally I LIKE open mic.

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