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Seems that someone didn’t appreciate the footage captured by Roxbury News.  More than one local political-type figure has had more than one embarrassing and/or inappropriate outburst, antic, or instance of conduct preserved forever thanks to Roxbury.  And now it seems that maybe, just maybe, one of those political-types may have bitten off more than they can handle.

It’s always funny when non-technologically-inclined people try things like this.  I’ve seen more than one instance of such “hacking” (and I’m using that word loosely) where the perpetrator was ultimately shocked and amazed to find out exactly what an IP address was, that their ISP could be compelled to provide information with a subpoena, and that they were now facing criminal charges for their actions.

In my five years of running floor9, I’ve had more than my share of hack attempts.  The only ones that could be remotely considered successful were large-scale DDoS attacks aimed at taking out my hosting provider, and those were only minor inconveniences at best.  All the others were laughable failures.  And it looks like that’s exactly what happened to Roxbury.  It appears that he had a backup of everything and is in the process of re-uploading them now.  An annoyance, true.  But the footage — and the message — remains.

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  1. I watched your YOU TUBE video on Mr. Link and the paving project.

    You guys have no idea what you are talking about.

    All parties did not agree to the priority list. Mother Nature was left out.

    What Mr. Link was saying, if you had any understanding of science, was that from his last examination of that street until his examination before this year’s work was going to be done, the street took a turn for the worse. In other words, over the winter its degradation gained speed. An indicator that another winter would have seen degradation at an exponential rate instead of a linear rate. Mr. Link is more than adequately qualified to make this assessment.

    The streets on the project list will be done this summer. No one is suffering because a minor adjustment in the priority list was made.

    You should try to be a little fairer.

    Far too many residents think that something really EVIL happened here. Not the case. No streets were removed that were on the original list. The current plan is to do all on the list with the addition of parts of Green Street, which has not been done in twenty years and IS in very bad condition.

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