So About That Rendell Guy


Ed, ed, ed, ed, ed.  Ed.

What can be said about the man that hasn’t already been said thousands of times before?  No words of mine — neither poetic tapping on my 1993-era super-clicky keyboard nor alcohol-fueled ramblings on a public terminal — can truly, meaningfully express how we feel about Governor Ed Rendell right now.  I know there’s been a lot of commentary about him lately, and a great many people have taken it upon themselves to try to adequately convey our true feelings.  Some messages are quite harsh; others, soft.  Yet I feel that none have yet truly captured the sentiment felt by so many of us residing in this great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  So I will try my best to fill this monumental exercise in futility.

Bear with me.

At the end of the day, there is but one thing to remember about our great Governor.  You see, no matter what people may say — no matter what jokes they may make — there is one, universal, unconditional truth about Ed Rendell.  All kidding aside (if I may be serious here for just a moment) there’s really only one thing that you have to remember about the guy.  And I’m truly speaking from my heart, and I think from the hearts of most Pennsylvanians, when I point out that no matter what your political beliefs or party affiliation may be, there’s one thing that pretty much everyone agrees on when it comes to Governor Ed Rendell:

He’s an ass.

2 thoughts on “So About That Rendell Guy”

  1. you made me read after the jump for that punchline? shame shame…. but am I missing something in the news?

  2. I’m referring to Ed’s “I don’t want to hear any whining” press conference. Although to be fair to Ed, it sounds more like he was saying “We’re cutting lots of other areas too, so I don’t want to hear any whining” instead of “we’re laying you off, so I don’t want to hear any whining”. Either way, it’s not the brightest thing he’s ever said.

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