SoMa Starbucks Closing

Starbucks announced last week that they will be closing 600 stores nationwide.  This will reduce the national average number of Starbucks per street corner to approximately 3.7.  Although it was said that no Central PA locations will be closing, WHP is reporting that two area ‘Bucks will be going under.  One of them is the store on Paxton Street (which I didn’t know existed), and the other is the Third & Market location in SoMa (which is about half a block from the Strawberry Square location).

I’m not a big Starbucks fan.  Partly because their large plain coffee costs $2.09, but mostly because all of their beans always taste over-roasted.  So I’d just as soon see a local coffee shop go in.  St. Thomas Downtown, anyone?

Does anyone think this will affect the projected draw of SoMa?  The Starbucks factor doesn’t affect me personally, but we all know people who refuse to drink any coffee other than Starbucks, and/or who consider a nearby Starbucks a substantial factor in choosing lodging.

4 thoughts on “SoMa Starbucks Closing”

  1. It’s unfortunate that starbucks is closing that location, as much as I dislike the brand myself. Not only does starbucks have a huge appeal to wanna be celebrities and younger kids, but it actually helps local coffee shops by turning more people on to coffee drinking in general. Just the presence of the brand adds some legitimacy to soMa, and for that I am dissapointed in the closing. That being said, St. Thomas or Cornerstone coffee would certainly be stellar additions to downtown, one can only hope for something other than another bank.

  2. This is kind of a bummer and had I not been in “vacation” mode I probably would have blogged this too.

    I did see Starbucks as a national “anchor” for SoMa, but in the long run I don’t think it will affect it’s progression into a unique district for Harrisburg. The new hotel looks like it will bring more people into that area of town (if this one can actually break ground). I have a feeling Brad and the rest of Harristown have some plans for some of the rest of the areas vacant store fronts.

    As for Starbucks, it would make a great restaurant… dare I say it a chain restaurant such as Chipotle?

  3. A bookstore would be nice. I was never in that building but I’m guessing the available square footage is rather low. Since a B&N won’t quite fit in there, I’d settle for an independent with a coffee bar. And WiFi.

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