Spammer’s Haven 2008: The Free XBOX 360

Back in the summer of 2006, I decided to try my luck at one of those “FREE* MACBOOK PRO” sites you see in abundance all over this fine Internet.  After about two months of carefully filling out paperwork, taking screenshots, and waiting patiently for weeks on end, I finally became the proud recipient of a brand-new Macbook Pro.  And now that a half dozen of my coworkers are having nightly Halo 3 tournaments, I decided the time has come to try my luck again.  That’s right; I’m going for a free XBOX 360.

I’ve got my special GMail account set up.  I’ve got a brand-new prepaid credit card to prevent account abuse from over-enthusiastic merchants.  And I even found a site that does this without any referrals.  Looks like all I have to do is sign up for web hosting ($6 / mo), credit monitoring from Experian ($15 / mo), GameFly ($10 / mo), and order at least $20 from FTD.

Four offers totaling $51 for an XBOX 360 Deluxe (retail $350).  When I did the Macbook Pro, I had to complete 19 offers and spend about $500 (about $200 after refunds), AND go through hoops of fire in order to get some of the offers cancelled.  This time around, the value of the merchandise is MUCH lower, so the offers are simpler and the cost is lower.  Even if the sponsors hose me and I have to keep my subscriptions for two or three months, I’ll still come out way ahead of the game.

I’ll post the URL of the site I’m using (again, not a referral) once everything is complete.  After all, I’m not going to drive traffic their way if they screw with me.

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