Star Trek Tweetup?

I casually threw out the idea on Twitter that an impromptu Central PA tweetup for the Star Trek movie permiere would be fun.  A handful of people replied back that they’d be into it, so I decided to throw out some words and see what sticks.

Although the “official” premiere is May 8th, a handful of theaters — AMC, Cinema Center, Great Escape, and Regal — are all opening the  movie on Thursday.  I’m thinking the 7pm Thursday (5/7) showing at Great Escape would be ideal.  As much as I prefer Cinema Center, their sound & optics just aren’t up to the task for action movies.  The only catch is that given the obliterating hype surrounding this movie, there’s likely to be a long line and tickets are pretty much guaranteed to sell out.  Anyone coming along should buy their tickets as early as possible, and should plan on a long line getting into the theater.

So what do y’all think?  Meet at Fuddruckers at 5:30 for the 7pm showing at GE?

2 thoughts on “Star Trek Tweetup?”

  1. Thursday. Good call – I updated the post to be clearer. My only concern is that the theaters are going to be absolutely packed through Sunday, but I do not want to wait till next week!

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