Having Problems With Metro Bank?

I just got off the phone with the Pennsylvania Department of Banking.  They called me back in reference to the complaint I filed yesterday.  They are responding in a very pro-consumer manner to this mess and are very interested in what you have to say.

If your Metro Bank account is not straightened out as of right this instant, please contact the PA Department of Banking immediately using this link. As always, remember to remain calm and professional.  We’re all frustrated and angry (and rightfully so), but remember that the Dept of Banking is here to help you.  They have the power to set things right, and if that can’t be done, they have the power to punish Metro Bank.

UPDATE: As of 6/19/09, Metro Bank’s CEO is stating that the “glitches” have been fixed and everything is back to normal.  Interestingly, he’s also stating that affected customers are being contacted by phone or email to let them know what happened.  This is a dramatic change from earlier in the week, when they attempted to sweep their issues under the rug with silence.  It’s pretty obvious that Metro Bank’s change in attitude is a direct result of the avalanche of negative PR that’s kept them buried all week.  While it’s good to see them finally starting to take responsibility for their poor planning and poor execution, it’s disturbing that they regarded “give customers the silent treatment” as their best option.

UPDATE #2: As of 7/5/09, commenters are still reporting problems with Metro Bank.  By now, all problems should have been resolved (actually, they should have been resolved by June 13th, but that obviously didn’t happen).  If you are still having trouble, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Banking immediately.  And while you’re at it, consider switching to a bank that knows how to treat its customers.

11 thoughts on “Having Problems With Metro Bank?”

  1. Thank you for keeping up with this debacle, and for the links and info for complaints. Good job!

  2. The state or FDIC are not going to punish Metro Bank because people can not see their online accounts or get through to the call center? You uneducated little man. Sounds like you have all the time in the world to waste, but I do not…Good night!

  3. “ARE YOU SERIOUS”, YOU OBVIOUSLY HAD ENOUGH TIME TO WASTE TO COME HERE AND COMMENT! Why don’t you go back to your job at Metro and try helping to fix this mess instead of arguing with your customers?

  4. You’re right; they’re not going to punish Metro Bank because calls didn’t get through. Is that Metro Bank’s position on all this? Is management telling the employees “it’s okay, guys; technically, having long hold times is not illegal”?

    However, not allowing customers to access their funds for six business days is a MAJOR problem. Having inaccurate balances, and then refusing to correct them, is a MAJOR problem. Posting transactions that never happened and then arguing that they did happen, that’s a MAJOR problem.

    And at the end of the day, what the AG, the DoB, and the FDIC will look at is the unsound business practices that allowed these circumstances to unfold. As a matter of public interest — which happens to be what the agencies exist to protect — when a bank demonstrates this much incompetence, it’s a huge deal to these guys.

    I hope you’re the one they talk to when they investigate. Please feel free to tell them what you posted above. Un-anonymously, of course.

  5. Current Metro customers should be concerned with security issues as well.

    Metro requires you to use your social security number (initially) as your User ID. When I contacted Metro Sunday evening as to why that field wasn’t encrypted, I was told that Metro didn’t want people making mistakes in that field so they left it unencrypted. Besides, I was told, customers can change their User ID once they log on.

    I told them for the sake of a few people who can’t type, they leave their customers wide open for identity theft. I also added that Metro doesn’t pop up reminders that the customer should change their User ID, and that most customer probably don’t know that or know how to do that.

    A representative of Metro sent me an email asking if my account was now correct. When I attempted to respond to his email, the response was blocked by their spam filter as coming from an unreliable source (Verizon). So I purposely blocked my IP address by using software that changes my IP address and the email went through. Their blocking software is either set up incorrectly or it is too tight … it didn’t let the legitimate email through but it let the hidden email through.

    Along with all the other issues I had, I don’t have confidence in Metro any more and I’m moving my accounts to another Bank.

  6. Metro banks tech support dept sure does not know to what they r doing, i have been unable to move my money, see my internet banking, i will be taking my money out of metro and putting it into another acct at a different bank on monday, hope hundreds of people do that maybe they will treat there customers better, call ther # for help and waite for hours, send a e mail and get a request back saying it does not work to change your login,etc.

  7. This is my story and what I sent to the Department of Banking. I hope that they get Metro Bank OUT OF BUSINESS forever!!

    Metro Bank is the worst bank I have ever encountered. My account is suddenly always negative. Metro Bank is declaring lies, and taking my money.

    When commerce bank converted to Metro Bank my account was overdrawn by around $200-300 because it was the banks fault with there system glitches. So, I was very upset and distraught, and went into the branch trying to fix my account. The customer service line was out the door; therefore I waited about thirty minutes just to speak to someone. Then, when I finally spoke with someone they said, please sit on the red chairs so our supervisor can help you. So, that meant I had to wait another thirty minutes. After all of that, I still had no results and my account was still negative. The bank was stealing money from me at this time and I lawfully wanted my money back. Thankfully, they ended up giving me $50 after an hour of waiting.

    Well, about a two weeks later Metro Bank said that all the system glitches were cleared up. Well, the system is definitely not clear yet, because about every other day my account goes negative and it shouldn’t. This is there excuse every time, “You have a hold on your account from the gas station” or “You were charged a massive fee for overdrawing your account”. They were actually going to try and charge me an overdraft fee when they overdrew my account. Well, that day at the branch I think my voice carried enough that they didn’t charge me the overdraft fee. Although, there is no reason for this, and they should have said I am sorry this was our fault here is the money. Overall, this bank is awful and I can’t wait to change to a better bank but, I have to wait until the end of August because I have payments coming directly out of my account. Please help me to get my money back that Metro Bank is holding and taking from me. My account just got overdrawn twice for $99.17 which they didn’t pay this, and they took $37 dollars each time. So, they have $74 that they took from me right now. Please help me get this bank out of business; it’s the worst bank ever! I have never complained about any bank before, but this bank has me so upset that I can’t help but want to complain. I don’t even have money to eat anymore because they are stealing my money! Once again, please help me get this bank out of business for good. Thank you.

  8. Hi Missy,

    That’s terrible! “Red chairs”? You’ve got to be kidding me. You should file a complaint with the PA Department of Banking (see the link above). They are responding and they are helping people out. And if they can’t get Metro Bank to straighten your account out, these are the people who can bring the hammer down on the bank.

    I left Metro Bank after they continually promised resolution but failed to fix things. I’m now at Integrity Bank and very happy so far.

  9. I am thinking about leaving Metro bank now. The new online system is a mess. Beside they lost 1/2 my bill pay accounts and can’t seem to get them back online. They also have my line of credit as being last paid and next payment due as 1/1/0001, yes that is correct 1/1/0001. I notified them of this problem but it yet to be corrected. Any good local banks in the Reading area?

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