Harrisburg Spice

Sometimes — and I know this is going to be hard for some of you to believe — companies do colossally stupid things.

Take Spice, for example.

A few days ago, two Spice employees — Molly Turner and John Burkholder — spoke with a Patriot News reporter about how the economy is affecting their tips.  It was an interesting story, and the fact that the employees were actually willing to give honest answers made it somewhat refreshing in this era of watered-down press-release-driven commentary.  Nothing is more droll and un-insightful than reading a corporate press release, so when actual employees give actual answers, it’s always a welcome change of pace.

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Another Midtown Attack

One of Sunday’s attacks happened at the intersection of Second and Union Streets, which is awfully close to downtown. ABC27 has the story; if anyone else covered it, I hadn’t noticed.

For the record, I still don’t feel that downtown — or midtown, for that matter — is unsafe. I think this is a surge in crime due to factors that can be debated in volumes. While there may be different groups of criminals at work, I do believe that all of the assaults are related in at least some passing way. I think it’s somewhat obvious that this started with a Group Of Bored Kids deciding to kick their shenanigans up to the criminal level a few times. Then Their Friends heard about it and did the same, and now Some Guys From Elsewhere have read about it and joined in the fray.

Second and Union is not a bad part of town. But it’s a half block off Forster and a stone’s throw from Restaurant Row. What happens if this creeps up to Second and State?  I know a lot of downtown revelers have basically ignored the attacks and kept on partying.