July blogHarrisburg / Twitter Meetup

This Thursday, July 17, is our monthly blogHarrisburg meetup / Harrisburg Twitter meetup.  As always, we’ll be at The Abbey Bar (upstairs at ABC Brewery) in Harrisburg.  Weather permitting we’ll even be outside on the deck! EDIT:  We will be outside on the deck.  The meetup is open to everyone in Central PA who has a blog or a Twitter account, regardless of what you blog or tweet about.  Things get started around 7, and wrap up around 9.  Feel free to hang for the full two hours, show up for 15 minutes, or anywhere in-between!

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Harrisburg Retail: When Are We Going Cheap?

There are three indoor malls located within a ten-minute radius of downtown Harrisburg (four if you generously count Strawberry Square).  There are several dozen strip malls (“Outdoor Lifestyle Enrichment Centers” if you want to use the corporate-speak term).  We have countless standalone stores and probably, by my admittedly-rough estimates, about 85% capacity of saleable retail space.  Yet Central PA still has yet to see any real “cheap retail” come fluttering in.

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