Why Can’t Harrisburg Have Nice Things?

Amazing.  I was at one of these parties out in LA a few years ago and that’s the only word I can think of to describe it.  “Amazing”.  Why can’t Harrisburg even begin to approach this level of awesomeness?

Circus @ Webster Hall NYC

(hint:  it’s party due to the fact that neither Eclipse nor Dragonfly has a three-story-high dancefloor)

Privado Harrisburg: Unbelievable

It’s no secret that Privado is one of my favorite places downtown.  Somewhere between the vocal trance / house in the basement, the house / old-school / hip-hop soundtrack on the ground floor, the unique atmosphere, the fast service, and the high-but-still-reasonable prices, the place has fully recovered from its questionable “OMG BEACH CLUB” past.  They obviously have a genuine interest in providing quality over quantity.

So I can’t understand why they’re still operating in blatant violation of federal law.

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Regal Beagle Raid

ABC27 and WHP are reporting that everybody’s favorite not-even-trying-to-hide-it illegal bar was raided yesterday.  The Regal Beagle, right across Second Street from the parking garage, was busted for selling alcohol without a license.  Generally speaking, that’s not something you want to do to an undercover state trooper.

I was never at the RB, but judging by the crowd / fights usually visible at street level, I don’t think I missed anything.  I’ll stick to ABC and Fresco, thanks.

Why Can’t We Have Nice Things?

Infected Mushroom is performing at Webster Hall July 5th, and I just got my tickets. I was considering going to see Tiesto, but the crowd would be insane (and all of the good tickets are sold out, anyway). In fact, their entire summer performance lineup thus far looks pretty impressive. Why can’t we have electronic acts of this caliber around here?

I know, I know. This post was really more of an excuse to show off that I’m going to see Infected Mushroom and to link to a video using that PQM track.

EDIT – fixed the Infected Mushroom link to point at the actual video