The Road Passes Through Harrisburg

Of all the theaters to pick up The Road — the movie I’ve been babbling on about since last spring — Regal was the last one I’d expect.  Given the film’s quasi-arty, low-impact release, I was expecting Midtown to pick it up.  Or even Cinema Center — they usually pick up the non-blockbuster and/or lesser-known films.  Regal traditionally limits itself to doing things like showing “Twilight: OMG MOON” on 11 screens and “Old Dogs” on the remaining three.

But I’m not complaining.  I want to see the shots of the abandoned turnpike in all their glory, and Regal does have the best picture quality in the area (which is disappointing, because their service is abysmal and a small popcorn & drink will cost you $35). 

If you haven’t read the book, you owe it to yourself to do so.  I’m not one to jump on the “the movie sucked compared to the book” bandwagon, but the nature of the book (see: no dialogue) means it will be impossible to do a direct translation to a movie.  And from watching the trailers, I see they’ve already bent the movie a little more towards an action flick and less towards the post-apocalyptic non-survival story of the book.

I’m going to go see it.  I’m going to see it today.  And I’m going to chow down three Quarter Pounders topped with 12 pats of butter.  I’ll let you know.

Showdown: Cinema Center v Regal

Cate Blanchett as Irina Spalko, from IMDBSaw Indiana Jones on Friday. Saw it again on Saturday. Saw it again on Sunday and again on Monday. Four times total. I’ll be honest here — the repeat viewing was largely because of Cate Blanchett’s character. She is unbelievably … wow. But it became an observation of the differences between Regal, which is closer, and Cinema Center, which is usually better. Unfortunately, the outcome wasn’t what I was expecting.

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