The October Tweetup

You know the drill:  Third Wednesday of every month, Abbey Bar (upstairs at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg), 7pm till ???.  This month the Tweetup falls on the 21st.  If you’ve got a Twitter account, blog, or pretty much any online personal whatsoever, drop by and meet your social-media neighbors!  We’re screaming towards the two-year mark (!) of our monthly gatherings, and the cold weather only makes it better.  Barring a sudden outburst of 80-degree weather, we’ll be inside this time around.  You can identify us by our laptop- and/or iPhone-to-person ratio of 5:1.  If that doesn’t work, just ask an upstairs bartender where the Tweetup is.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but our Twitter hashtag is #hbgtweetup.  Please use it any time you tweet about the event so we can get a decent idea of how many are coming.

See you there!

August Tweetup

Scrap your plans and come join us at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg for food, drink, and merriment this Wednesday beginning at 7pm for our monthly Central PA Tweetup!  It may (or may not) pour like a bastard, so we may (or may not) be inside somewhere.  Either way we’ll be on second floor.  If the pile of laptops and iPhones doesn’t give our group away, just ask a bartender where the Tweetup is.  They love us.

July Tweetup: Thursday the 16th

CORRECTION: Thursday 7/16/09 at 7pm

This month we’re bumping things back one day.  Instead of meeting on the third Wednesday like we normally do, we’re going to be having our July Tweetup on Thursday, July 16th.  We’ll still be meeting at 7pm, and we’ll still be getting together on the deck, and I’ll still be raving over how incredibly awesome the Dom Blonde is.  ABC has a private function that will consume the entire deck on Wednesday, and Thursday is supposed to be sunnier, so I figured we’ll be best served by stepping back one day.  Come on out, soak up some sun & suds, and meet your fellow Tweeps & bloggers.

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June 2009 Tweetup

May’s tweetup was — as predicted — incredible.  The warm weather plus having the deck at our disposal meant a lot of new faces showed up.  I believe we wound up leaving around 11 … Am I right?  Thanks to everyone who made it out, and I hope you all return!

The next Harrisburg Tweetup is going down on Wednesday, June 17th.  7pm on the deck (weather permitting) at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.  If we get rained out, we’ll be inside the Abbey Bar (second floor).  If you have a blog, post on Fark, or have a Twitter account, you’re officially invited!  Added bonus:  Bottles are $2 off, so if the seasonal ABC brews on tap aren’t to your liking, that bottle of Framboise will only set you back $8.

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Star Trek Tweetup?

I casually threw out the idea on Twitter that an impromptu Central PA tweetup for the Star Trek movie permiere would be fun.  A handful of people replied back that they’d be into it, so I decided to throw out some words and see what sticks.

Although the “official” premiere is May 8th, a handful of theaters — AMC, Cinema Center, Great Escape, and Regal — are all opening the  movie on Thursday.  I’m thinking the 7pm Thursday (5/7) showing at Great Escape would be ideal.  As much as I prefer Cinema Center, their sound & optics just aren’t up to the task for action movies.  The only catch is that given the obliterating hype surrounding this movie, there’s likely to be a long line and tickets are pretty much guaranteed to sell out.  Anyone coming along should buy their tickets as early as possible, and should plan on a long line getting into the theater.

So what do y’all think?  Meet at Fuddruckers at 5:30 for the 7pm showing at GE?