Tax-Day Tweetup – UPDATE

WHERE: Appalachian Brewing Company, GROUND FLOOR
WHEN: Wed, April 15 2009 @ 7pm (till ???)
WHAT: Central PA Tweetup / blogger gathering

LAST-SECOND UPDATE:  Tonight’s Tweetup has been moved to the ground floor of ABC due to the concerts going on upstairs.  We should be somewhere back in the area of the kitchen; if you enter through the side door, bang a left and you should spot the conspicuous-looking blogger & Twitter types in abundance.

On the third Wednesday of every month, a bunch of us get together at ABC on Cameron Street for food, brew, and general socialization-driven mayhem.  We’re a casual bunch, and these events are anything but formal.  Our get-togethers are a chance to come out and put a face behind the follower — or the followed.  We’re open to anyone in the region with a blog or a Twitter account, so if you meet either of those criteria, you have no excuse for not stopping by!

We don’t necessarily have any signs — or if we do, they’re buried under an ever-growing mountain of plates, beer bottles, and assorted liquid-containing apparatus — but we’re pretty easy to spot.  We’re typically the biggest group there, and we’re usually clustered around a few tables put together.  Just look for all the suspicious blogger-looking types; I assure you we will be the only group with a measurable laptop-to-person ratio.  If you can’t find us, just ask the bartender where the bloggers are.

See you there!