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The subject of the blogHarrisburg RSS feed ( came up in Twitter today.  I don’t think anybody was really complaining, but since it came up, I wanted to take a second and explain why it works the way it does.  Because really, Twitter doesn’t really do long discussions.

The blogHarrisburg feed sends out the abridged version of every article.  Sure, this is contrary to modern blogging etiquette, which generally suggests that the full article should be syndicated.  I’ve considered turning on the “full” feed, and I’ve decided to leave it abridged.  Here’s why:

blogHarrisburg is meant to build awareness of, and develop a community around, the Central PA blogging community.  It wasn’t intended to mirror; it was intended to drive traffic to the original author’s site.  I feel that if I published entire posts in the feed, it would be robbing the original authors of traffic to their own feeds (especially important for the publishers who track their feed stats).  I’d rather see readers subscribe directly to the author’s original feed than pick up the bH feed.  This is pretty much the same reason I only publish excerpts — instead of whole posts — on the front page.

I don’t think anyone was complaining, mind you.  I just thought it was a good time to mention my reasoning.  If anyone has any thoughts (contrary or otherwise) I’d love to hear them!

3 thoughts on “The blogHarrisburg Feed”

  1. I’m the one who said that I subscribe to the BH feed instead of Sara’s feed. I go directly to the site to read the whole post anyway. It’s just nicer to have one feed’s unread items in my reader instead of 10.

  2. That’s why I liked the RSS reader in (OS X email program). It would aggregate all the feeds into one single list, which was really nice. I’m glad to see that there’s general agreement on the feed 🙂

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