No Free Drinks at Hollywood Casino

Once again, the local blogging community scoops the Patriot — check out the review over at HarrisburgNightlife.

Effective 10am tomorrow (Tuesday, 2/12/08) morning, Hollywood Casino at Penn National Racetrack is open for business.  That is, of course, provided the slot machines pass today’s audit with flying colors. (According to the Patriot-News, they have passed and are on-schedule to open tomorrow.)  Route 743 was completely gridlocked Friday night, but had apparently cleared up for Saturday and Sunday’s crowds.  Comments I’ve heard from people who were there for the VIP event:

  • “$5 for a drink!  That’s insane!”
  • “How can they charge for drinks?  We’re already giving them enough money.”
  • “The drinks weren’t free.”
  • “You had to pay for drinks.”
  • “Cup of coffee?  Free.  Adding Bailey’s?  Five bucks.”

And so it goes in pretty much the same vein.  The resounding complaint was the price of alcoholic beverages.  Since our neighbors in Atlantic City — who by the way have been doing some major overhauls and renovations in a sincere effort to shed their terrible image and stave off competition from Pennsylvania — offer free drinks, and since Pennsylvania passed a law allowing free drinks in our casinos, I’m hoping that the charge was temporary.  Perhaps because the casino wasn’t open to the general public per se just yet, they weren’t permitted to do free drinks.  We’ll find out tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “No Free Drinks at Hollywood Casino”

  1. Playing nickel slots should not entitle someone to free drinks. Always annoyed me when I am dropping a few hundred an hour playing Blackjack. They should probably enforce a minimum bet limit.

    Of course, I could just be mad about always losing in Vegas.

  2. As for the drinks at Hollywood, they are still expensive, not free. But back in 06 Rendell passed law allowing casinos to serve free drinks and it has been in affect since late 06. And just because i play nickel slots doesn’t mean i shouldn’t enjoy all the amenities as everybody else. I went up last night and stayed about 3 hours and i only spent 35 dollars playing slots. So as i sit there laughing at you losing a lot of money at Blackjack, i’m dropping nickels in the machine having more fun then you and probably by the end of the night i go home laughing while you go back to you wife or husband or whatever you like and cry about how you lost the house. DOPE!!!!!!!!!

  3. In Vegas the free drinks are paid for by the serving girl at .60 cents apiece before she leaves the back room. Your 1 or 2 dollar tip pays for the drink and is her only income.

  4. I was very disappointed. The drinks were expensive. You couldn’t get anyone to wait on you. You had to have the server get you coffee, otherwise if you went to the bar yourself, they charged you for it. If you went to the bar to get you & your wife drinks, they made both of you come up. Definitely forget about service after 2 AM. Also, no one came to announce last call. They should put in a coffee & soft drink center like in Iowa that people can serve themselves if they don’t want to wait on you!

    There were only 4 Keno machines in the entire place. Also, some nickel Keno machines would be nice. They didn’t have machines that I liked.

  5. Also, we spent a lot of money & our points added up to less than $1.00 after being there several hours. What does it take to accumulate points?

  6. My wife an I were priveleged enough to get passes to the casino before the public had a shot….but anyway the drinks were only a dollar…..untill you could gamble your money away, then I ordered a draft beer and it was 5 dollars!!!! Lets see how much of this money comes back to help the taxes.

  7. I thought the casino was one of the nicer looking ones I’ve been to. It needs some Wheel Of Fortune 25 cent and 50 cent slots. Lets get on the ball Hollywood and give the customer what their looking to play. I paid $4.00 for a draft; its a little more than I like to pay; but I expect that at a casino. Thank you

  8. All I can say is that from my first trip there , I was not impressed. It appears that Penn National Gaming must think, We are not good enough to be provided with the simple amenities that all other casinos have. Simlpy, More floor persons offering free drinks (soda ,coffee,etc.), More change machines,better food/restraunt chooses and Cheaper valet parking. I have been to all of the Casinos here in the East and this one is the least People friendly. Even the glitzy Mt. Airy offers free valet parking. The best one of Hollywood’s let downs is , I have a Producers card which has some benefits, It entitles me to three(3) Alcoholic Drinks in an hour, If you can find someone to get you just one in an hour. For one of the biggest gaming concerns in the country , this is a poor example.

  9. Hollywood needs more servers. Drinks are expensive. Should be free. Give us Wheel Of Fortune! Everyone is asking for it. I agree with most of the folks, valet parking is far to expensive. We should have big bucks taken off our tax bill because Hollywood is keeping all the freebies. Wake up or most of us will be going other places.

  10. The drink girls are pretty and very cordial, however at night they seem to disappear. I agree with all that free drinks should be served atleast during peak hours, and that they really need to find some more help!

  11. They will not put in Wheel of Fortune, the fees that they have to pay are too much. They are even taking them out of Vegas. The place is pretty nice, we enjoyed ourselves and we were visiting from Florida. The electronic Blackjack tables are a bigt ripoff, I do believe they are rigged.

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