The New WordPress

As most Harrisburg bloggers already know, there’s a new version of WordPress out as of today.  Unlike the last few releases, this represents some pretty major changes in the platform.  You can view the full list of these changes here.  Some of my favorites include:

  • New Dashboard, with widgets:  My only “annoyance” about WordPress has been the Dashboard.  Generating it takes far more resources than it should.  According to the buzz in the developer channels over the last few months, the new Dashboard should be much faster.  You’re also now able to add widgets of your choosing – neat.
  • Tags AND categories:  WordPress integrated tags a while back, but it was more of a “let’s just pretend tags are identical to categories” kind of deal.  I’m hoping this new version represents a more “proper” use of tags (such as a post in “Downtown” being tagged with “new venue”, “free cover”, and “trance” without also being placed in all those categories).
  • New version of TinyMCE:  The old version would occasionally muck with your formatting, or make specific formatting difficult.

WordPress is a spectacular platform.  It’s lean, (usually) fast, and rock-stable.  While I’d like to see some more features added (like built-in RSS parsing / aggregation, better SPAM mitigation, and intelligent stats), this looks to be a very worthwhile update.  I’ll do the magic on floor9 tonight and try bH tomorrow.