Tonight’s Tweetup

Let’s see if I can recall this all from memory:  @andreacecil, @VickyKH, @KathleenLD, @bydanielvictor, @sarabozich, @jak440, @aaronwinborn, and Roxbury News.  A lot of the regular attendees (including @jerseymike, @yoshua, @Bone_, @billbostic, and @EdGrohl, among others) weren’t able to make it out for one reason or another.  Looking at the Twitter timelines, it looks like it was a combination of everyone being busy and having prior engagements.

I’ve been pretty much absent from the social media / blogging scene for the past few weeks, so I really didn’t get the chance to hype up this month’s tweetup as much as usual.  I’m working a ridiculous amount of overtime (almost 80 hours per week in total).  What little time I have left is dedicated to sleeping, grocery shopping, and not having a social life (in that order).  On the plus side I’ll have my student / flight training loans paid in full by early next year ( saving me 9 years of monthly payments and compounding interest), but the downside is not having enough time to do much of anything at all.

Nonetheless, tonight’s Tweetup was fun!  I was a little disappointed in my Bear Chili (“made from ground beef (not bear)”, the menu says), officially making this the first time I’ve had un-awesome food at ABC.  Also, the ever-flaky WiFi was completely out, so we were relegated to using cell phones for Twitter access (the horror!).

The fall weather was perfectly crisp for our final deck Tweetup of the year.  Just enough chill to let you know we’re in mid-September, but not unbearably cold (though we did move inside mid-way through).  That’s my kind of weather!  Next month we’ll be indoors (just look for the pile of laptops), and I promise to let everybody know about it further in advance.  See you then!