Tweetup: Choice of Venue?

January’s Central PA Tweetup is scheduled, as always, for the third Wednesday of the month.  That means we’ll be getting together on 1/20/10 around 7pm to hang out, drink beer, and — if you’ve never been to one before — meet your fellow area Tweeps face-to-face.

We’ve been doing these things for a while now.  What’s it been … two years?  Normally we do this at the Abbey Bar, upstairs at Appalachian Brewing Company.  Over the last few tweetups, several people have suggested rotating through different venues for a change of scenery.  Between the clamor of wrapping up 2009, selling my house, and preparing everything for Moving Day ™, I completely forgot to post about the matter.  So, with a week and a half to spare, here’s your chance to sound off on how the Tweetups go.

I personally like ABC.  Our service has always been good, and hey — ABC on tap.  So I have nothing against them when I say I wouldn’t mind changing up the scenery just for variety’s sake.  Anyone have any ideas to share on where?  Bear in mind that any new venue should have the following:

  • WiFi (because it is, after all, a tweetup)
  • Food
  • Alcohol (because it is, after all, a tweetup)
  • Free parking
  • Open to all / appropriate for our group

The last line is important.  We’ve had tweetups range in size from three people at any given time to three dozen at peak.  Although the colder months generally bring smaller groups, we have no way of knowing how many people will attend each gathering.  So any chosen venue should be able to, without advance notice and without splitting us up, handle a boisterous group between 3 and 30 people.  Any given venue should also be reasonably centrally-located; let’s say anywhere from Mechanicsburg to Colonial Park.

Do you think we should rotate our locations?  Do you like the all-in-one convenience of ABC?  If you’ve never been able to make it before, would an alternate location make it easier for you to attend?  If you’re one of us regulars, would an alternate location make it less likely that you’ll continue coming?  Post a comment below and sound off!