Water & Gas in Harrisburg

With the real estate market still failing and my own home nearly paid off, I’ve been looking at moving to a nicer area and building my own home.  So I’ve been looking around at building lots in Harrisburg and the surrounding area.  I found a few that were in both decent neighborhoods and my price range, and my realtor is looking into whether or not I can build what I have in mind there.  But there’s one question I haven’t been able to get a straight answer to:

What do you Harrisburgers pay for water?  How about gas?  I’ll be using gas everything:  hot water, heat, dryer, and one hell of a nice pro-grade, stainless-steel, oversized, 6-burner gas rangetop with separate wall-mounted oven.  Nice.  But when I’m trying to put together my budget, I have no idea how much to allocate for either.  What’s average for the area?

I also found a really nice lot in Highspire, so I’d appreciate any info on costs there as well.

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  1. I have gas everything including a six burner stove purchased from Chef’s Choice on Cameron Street. I live in a drafty three story house and am frugal, keeping my thermostat at 65 degrees. I currently pay $115 each month to UGI. I have my heating costs equally distributed throughout the year so that my winter bills aren’t scary. As for water bills, with 2 people in my household, and the recent increase in trash collection costs, I pay about $70 a month for water, sewer, and trash.

  2. Thanks, old house resident. That’s a touch more than I was hoping to spend but far less than I’m paying now. Currently I pay about $300 / month to keep my house at 60. This winter I’m sticking it to the gas company by setting my heat at 50 and wearing wool socks.

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