Way To Go Joe!

In case you missed the story yesterday, Lt. Governor Joe Scarnati has told Governor Rendell “enough already”:

“It is clear that the governor does not recognize that Pennsylvania families live paycheck to paycheck or he would follow the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and refrain from using payless paydays as a budgetary scare tactic,” Scarnati said.

Scarnati disagrees with the administration’s interpretation that the state constitution trumps federal law. He claims it is an interpretation that Rendell is using to try to force Senate Republicans to give in to his demand for a tax increase to support a higher level of state spending.

Add our own Lt. Governor to the slowly-growing list of politicians taking our side.  Thanks, Joe — but how did it get this far to begin with?

14 thoughts on “Way To Go Joe!”

  1. I love Joe Scarnatti. Makes me wish he was in my district. I sent him a lovely email thanking him for standing up for us and for all taxpayers by saying no to a tax hike. I especially liked the tone of authority in his voice. He really called out Fast Eddie. I think he sees the gov. the way most of us do; a spoiled child who must be dealt with in a strict and severe manner. Yeah, Joe!

  2. Yeah, I was thrilled with Joe’s position and have sent him a nice email too. For those who haven’t heard it, I’ve posted a short clip of the audo content. So I ask again….
    WHERE can I get about 77,000 Joe Scarnati statues????

  3. Oh yea? You said go Joe Scarnati ? bull.. this is bull crap. If Joe Scarnati REALLY FELT THIS WAY WHERE HAS HE BEEN SINCE JULY 1? NOT speaking & pushing for state workers to get paid..

    I think a lot of people took this ploy hook line & sinker.. Eddie is on his last term. Yea you vote for Joe all right… I wont.

  4. Whoa! I don’t know where that come from CH. Joe has been very vocal on his stance since April. He has been very clear that state workers should be paid and has from the beginning called this tactic by the Gov exactly what it is.
    All you have to do is go to his website or the PA sentate gop website and see/read the press releases and statements by Joe. If you haven’t heard it in the main stream media, well, guess why.

  5. CyberHussy, I’m not advocating or endorsing Joe Scarnati. I’m pointing out that yet another higher-up in the state has realized that what they are doing is wrong. As I said in my post, “…but how did it get this far to begin with?”.

  6. I was not intending to slam anyone but Lt. Governor Joe Scarnati.. His speach is 20 days too late. My point in getting across to people is: He is a JOKE and he does not care about state workers.. please ! This makes me just as mad as what Ed is doing. I hope people wake up. But then again were they sleeping when they voted for Ed? I didn’t vote for him either time.

  7. No problem, CyberHussy – no slam perceived. You are absolutely correct in your assessment that the politicians who are only now starting to take notice of what’s wrong are doing so because they fear political repercussion. The prospect of sending tens of thousands of employees to work without a paycheck didn’t seem to bother them, but the rumblings of voter discontent are being heard loud and clear.

  8. CH, Floor 9, I don’t think anybody is fooled about the motivation of the GOP (or any other politician!) A recently taken poll shows Ed’s popularity significantly hurt by the budget impasse and you can be sure that they don’t want those unhappy eyes turned on them next.

    But bottom line at my house? An ally is an ally…and I don’t much care what their motivation is. It doesn’t put me in bed with the devil to be thrilled that they have taken up our cause. Right now, with the deck stacked pretty well against us in the short term, I’d say thanks very much I love you to most any ally! And then sort it out at election time based on the rest of the merit. I guess what I’m saying is this…let’s not lose sight of the forest for the trees as it applies to either side of the coin!

  9. floor9 I have something hilarious to share with you, perhaps you might want to post it here? I sent you a msg & gave you my phone number to call me if you have time. It is an MP3 song “PayUpRendell.”

  10. CH…that is one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time. I don’t reckon you care if I post it over at my site? I just tweeted it to the folks that follow me. LOL

  11. Joe not 20 days late but about 3 months. He and hDois croonies sat on their ASSES and di nothing. Now they think they are Dudley Do Right. They need EX-LAX TO GET THEM MOVIN.

  12. I would LOVE to have that as my ringtone. Does anyone have that saved as a song instead of video?

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