Why Can’t Harrisburg Have Nice Things?

Amazing.  I was at one of these parties out in LA a few years ago and that’s the only word I can think of to describe it.  “Amazing”.  Why can’t Harrisburg even begin to approach this level of awesomeness?

Circus @ Webster Hall NYC

(hint:  it’s party due to the fact that neither Eclipse nor Dragonfly has a three-story-high dancefloor)

6 thoughts on “Why Can’t Harrisburg Have Nice Things?”

  1. 1. Because our demographics are civil servants, lawyers, and grey faced administrators with not even a hint of imagination.

    2. the mid-state is caught in a time warp – and it’s always 1856.

    3. most of the people who call the shots around here think that if you’re having a good time, it’s a sin.

    4. not enough kids. we have an aging population that didn’t pop out enough kids to support any sort of culture like you mention.

  2. We can’t have something like that because there are not enough people here and no one has done it. The same players have been in our bar scene for a long time and are making good money. Something like in that movie clip is expensive to setup, (a big risk) would require to be off the row, (another risk). The downtown scene still needs to expand. If more business can be attrached to town, more culture and nightlife will follow. We actually have a lot for a town of our size

  3. It’s because no one knows what real music is anymore. The vault was the last of anything really techno or alternative. The DJs either moved away or succombed to the top 40 re-mixes that the youth love or the old school hip-hop that the 30 somethings still can relate to.

    It’s really sad. I want another Vault and less cookie cutter clubs.

  4. Yeah, I agree, but here’s another reason. We’re not attracting the right kinds of people by not having the right kinds of infrastructure in the first place. It’s really sort of a nasty cycle. We need a lot more cheap but good apartments to attract the real bohemian sort, and not just hipster/yuppies and fratboys who are running rampant in this city. They bring in the cash, sure, but not the cultural legitimacy that we should have as capital of the freakin’ STATE!

  5. I also agree with the statement about not having enough young people in this area to call the shots. Our Nightlife, Hotels and Restaurants in this area are ran by people old enough to be my Grandfather. So what can we do to keep our young people from jumping ship to cities such as Miami,DC,Philly,NYC and LA etc. etc. etc. ? I think it all starts and ends with the jobs and career paths our young people choose to follow. Thats what feeds nightlife… It all comes down to the numbers.

    For example, take any career with the word “Information” in it…. Information Technology, Information Systems….. yada yada yada. These are the jobs the young people want. The Washington DC Metro area has more Information jobs than any other part of the country. Information jobs pay good money. A young person that’s a recent college graduate making $65K a year wants to live in the $2K a month loft apartment with people just like him or her. Go out after work to happy hour at a hip and swanky lounge with his or her co-workers and sip Apple martini’s to the real party begins later that evening . Not $2 dollar coors lights, wings and darts.

  6. Level 2 seems to be pretty up and coming. I know some people are upset with the dress code but we recently are allowing nice dress sneakers, and if you are trendy and come dress to kill, your in! In June we are having DJ Prime from NYC and DJ Enferno from DC who was also Madonna’s touring dj for her sticky and sweet tour. I am open for suggestions. I am on many of these sites and would love to know what I can do to make the people come in , dance, drink and have an all around great evening

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