Why Can’t We Have Nice Things?

Infected Mushroom is performing at Webster Hall July 5th, and I just got my tickets. I was considering going to see Tiesto, but the crowd would be insane (and all of the good tickets are sold out, anyway). In fact, their entire summer performance lineup thus far looks pretty impressive. Why can’t we have electronic acts of this caliber around here?

I know, I know. This post was really more of an excuse to show off that I’m going to see Infected Mushroom and to link to a video using that PQM track.

EDIT – fixed the Infected Mushroom link to point at the actual video

5 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Have Nice Things?”

  1. Haha, that was good. I can’t imagine Tiesto ever playing here (partly because it would take all of City Island to hold the crowd), but the tax has got to come into play when you’re trying to profit from an expensive A-list performer.

  2. “You figure you can save her”

    +1 for the song

    I guess when you’re in NYC you can make any crappy video you want and it’s still good

  3. My question would be “but where are the good electronica clubs in Harrisburg?” At times I feel like a total stranger… I LOVE electronica and just moved to Harrisburg… I went to Privado and they have good music in the basement but no one dancing!!! At the end it seems that the only decent place where people dance to the electronica beat is Stallions… So now imagine having Tiesto here (aha) or Deep Dish… or Oakenfold LOL yeah right…

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