Bunn 10-Cup Programmable Review: Industrial Strength Coffee

This is part of my Everyday Coffee series, in which I review five affordable SCAA-certified coffeemakers. Today I’m starting a new week by taking the Bunn HB 10-Cup Programmable out for a spin!

Say hello to the Bunn HB.

Yup, that Bunn. The same company that literally every truck stop, diner, restaurant, and convenience store is legally required to buy their coffee makers from, is now making home equipment.

Before you laugh, consider this: Bunn knows their stuff. Since the 1960s, they’ve been making some seriously heavy-duty brewers. Their gear takes whatever abuse the real world throws at it and keeps going, because nobody wants a world without coffee. In the commercial world, Bunn is synonymous for “that coffee maker we bought 40 years ago that refuses to die”.

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Everyday Coffee: Coffeemaker Roundup

This is the first in a series called “Everyday Coffee”, in which I put four highly-rated coffeemakers through everyday, real-world testing.

We have a long-lasting love-hate relationship with coffeemakers.

An antique hand-operated coffee grinder is overflowing with beans. It's sitting next to a cup of rich, fresh-brewed coffee. Morning sunlight reflects off some out-of-focus objects in the background.
You don’t grind coffee like this. Stop showing off.

Your great-grandparents likely used a French press, siphon, or pourover. Probably involving fire. They’re all great brewing methods with their own strengths and weaknesses. They take a bit of effort to do correctly, but they can easily coax out the rich, full-bodied flavor of coffee.

Your grandparents likely used an electric percolator. And it was terrible. It produced hot, dark liquid that contained caffeine. Technically, it was “coffee”. But if you weren’t careful, it would burn and over-extract the coffee, resulting in a bitter pot of awfulness. Most electric percolators have a window of roughly 30 milliseconds between “still brewing” and “LOL RUINED AGAIN”.

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