About floor9.com

I started this website way back in 2002 as an easy way to share photos with friends. Back then there really wasn’t much by the way of social media. Sites like Friendster and MySpace popped up in 2003, but they were … bad.

Most of the photos from that era were from nightlife in and around the midstate. Downtown Harrisburg was just entering its early-2000s renaissance. In less than a year, Second Street transformed from a ghost town to a non-stop boulevard of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. I even ran the lightshow at a now-defunct nightclub for a couple of years. To say there was an abundance of subject matter was an understatement!

Today I use floor9.com to journal my three biggest interests: rail trails, coffee, and technology. Pennsylvania is a goldmine of abandoned industry and railbeds. As more and more towns discover just how beneficial rail trails can be, new adventures keep getting made for the taking. And if that trail just happens to have a decent coffee house at the terminus, so much the better. TrailLink maintains a pretty good list of rail trails if you want to see where I’m (eventually) heading next.

I also have a Mastodon instance focused on exploring the outdoors. You can check it out over at trails.floor9.com. Mastodon is a decentralized social media platform that puts a high priority on privacy and keeping you in control of your own data. You can follow me and interact with my posts from any Mastodon server.

The site is hosted on high-performance AMD EPYC servers in datacenters in Michigan and Missouri. The blisteringly fast speed is a result of LiteSpeed, NVMe storage, and a 10Gb network connection.

I try to keep floor9.com as privacy-friendly and accessible as possible. The decentralized internet of 2002 is almost entirely gone today, but I do what I can to keep my content free and independent. I don’t use ad networks, social media trackers, Google Analytics, or anything else along those lines. I don’t accept donations and I don’t accept paid reviews.

All I ask is this: if you like what you see, do me a solid and share it however you see fit. I’ll keep publishing — without any ads, trackers, or other annoyances — as long as you keep reading.

I use Matomo to gather statistics (like pageviews and referrers) in a way that respects your privacy. I don’t sell, rent, distribute, or share this information in any way unless I’m served with a court order. If you want to opt out of the limited statistics I collect, there’s a one-click opt out at the bottom of this page. And if you have trouble accessing the site using an accessibility device such as a screen reader, would you please let me know? I want to make sure this site is open to all, and sometimes I might drop the ball.

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